About Zen Olive
Zen Olive, born Inez Oliveras, is a college junior pursuing a long-term career in graphic design. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, where her love of photography was quickly facilitated by her father, who graduated university with a photography degree. In 2014, Zen's creative journey began at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, where she participated in an afterschool photography program for high school students called Teen Photo. In this program she adapted foundational photography and printmaking skills and took part in three photo exhibitions over the span of three years. There, her commitment to photographic arts skyrocketed. 
Zen's expeditions through high school influenced her decision to pursue higher studies in photography. She enrolled at Delaware County Community College in 2017, double-majoring in Photography and Studio Arts. A year into the program, Zen discovered DCCC’s third A.F.A. program: Graphic Design. It was love at first class. She was incredibly fascinated with being able to integrate her photographic skills with graphic art. Shortly after declaring her new Graphic Design major, Zen began working as the Senior Graphic Designer for DCCC’s school newspaper, The Communitarian.
Zen is still currently designing for the paper and pursuing her Associate in Fine Arts, then plans to transfer to West Chester University in the fall of 2020, where she will earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic & Interactive Design. She aspires to work in publications, printmaking, or design agencies that specialize in branding and identity, but remains open to every opportunity that comes her way.